The things I’ll miss most



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5 responses to “The things I’ll miss most

  1. Layne Stabler

    how about the rats?????

  2. sabrina

    you should have a look at what you wrote for your 1st year here… Of course you’ll miss it. Moz and Vil are a great place. And we’ll miss you too! big time. but wish you very good luck and lots of happiness in your new adventures. You’ll keep this one in your heart, somewhere, and will come and visit us again. By the way, going to Sao Seb on Saturday… or trying to. Are you interested?

  3. carol baxter

    You are leaving Mozambique?
    What is next on your agenda of cool ways to live your life?

  4. Mehul

    How do you create a post like this? Teach me!

  5. Mehul

    where are you?

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