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St. Carolina and Good Byes

Sunday we made a group outing to Santa Carolina also known as Paradise Island, the most exotic and least visited of islands that sits off the coast of Vilankulo and Inhassoro. We took a local dhow boat out to the islands and were pretty much the only people there the entire day.  It was the last big hurrah for the Pehams before they set off on their African road trip and move back to Austria.

The island used to be the gem of African honeymooners in the 1970s, pre-civil war. But during the fighting it was abandoned and now the entire island is a national park – no one is allowed to live, develop or sleep on the island.

It is gorgeous! I live on a beautiful beach, but this one is even more spectacular. Plus, after snorkeling, picnicking and swimming in the aqua waters – we got to explore the hotel ruins, and wandering through abandoned buildings is always fun.

That all said in done, there were two cheerless moments following the trip:

  1. Sea sickness. Yes, I got sick overboard. Pretty gross.
  2. I had to say good bye to the Pehams; my friends, neighbors, boss, yoga teacher and surrogate family here.

It was rather heartbreaking. In fact, I started crying before they got in the car and I couldn’t even give real hugs to the kids since I was a sad mess. I thanked them for their generosity and friendship and with a final hug, Helga told me to be happy and make the most of my time here.

As their car drove away, I had a clear understanding that that moment marked the closing of My Mozambique Life, Part I and transition into the next chapter. 

Okay?Yes. It’s gonna be more than okay. 


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