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a day in the life of

I realize as I review my postings from the past few months, that I have done a poor job in describing my day to day routine. So I offer a quick snapshot of how I spend most my weekdays here: 

4:30 AM – The sun rises. I, however, do not. When I first got here, a mixture of jetlag and the novelty watching the sunrise helped me to wake up bright and early. But now, I usually sleep through the first morning light.

6:30 AM – Time to get a movin’!   Up up up.

7 AM – If  I’m being good, I’ll listen to a 30 minute “Pimsler’s Portuguese” audio tape while I eat my muesli and yogurt for breakfast.

8 AM – Either get a ride to work with Andreas (the boss) or take a 25/30 minute walk to the CARE office. Work work work (* more on this later)

1 PM – Walk or get a ride home for a quick lunch. Usually scrambled eggs, with tomatoes and feta cheese, maybe on a roll or perhaps with rice. Maybe cut up a mango bought from the stand outside of our gate. 

2 to 3:30 PM – Work

3:30 PM – Portuguese “class” with Hamida, my tutor

5 PM – Walk home with Courtney and Sarah, the Peace Corps volunteers

5:30 to 9:30 PMish – Sit outside before the sun sets, play with Flora and Caspar (boss’ kids), write emails, drink tea, listen to NPR podcasts, make dinner, maybe watch an episode of Lost or House at the Peace Corps’ house

10  to 11 PM – Off to bed

2:30 AM – Sleepily battle ants that have gathered in my sheets (they are so tricky and have outsmarted even my most clever barriers)

Not exactly action packed, but it’s a nice routine. There are always things that are mixed into the batch. Portuguese classes often get canceled. Some days I go to the field. On Tuesday afternoons, I leave early for yoga with Helga (boss’ wife). On Wednesday afternoons Helga’s housekeeper makes a big African meal for the group. So Courtney, Sarah and I go over to indulge in the pleasures of goat stew, squid curry or Matapa (a local traditional meal of mashed up leaves, coconut, and crab over rice). On Fridays, the work day usually ends at 1:30 or 2 pm, so I’ll stop by the post office or the market.  

*more on my actual work next posting

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