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Botswana Border Cross

We made it to the Botswana border and temporarily left Ingrid under a big tree full of monkeys.  This is where we found our next adventure.

I think the space between two border posts is very an interesting and curious phenomena. Normally there is just a gate or fence that separates two countries’ official border posts, but sometimes there is a gap of land a kilometer or so between passport stamping stations.

Where are you officially in that time/space paradigm? Are you the responsibility of where you just came from or of where you’re heading?

*  *  *

Anyway, the space between the border posts at Pontdrift was particularly worthy of note. First we abandoned our car under a tree outside of the South African border post but we were not quite in Botswana yet. Then we walked to unimpressive corrugated structure  where an old rusty cable car (the size and shape of a cage) awaited.  Luggage went first, trusting that someone on the other side is going to protect it for us.  Then when the next cage showed up, we hopped in, clanged the door shut and floated across a brown muddy river (imagining crocs just waiting underneath for an easy meal). 

Then we were in Botswana. 


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the wait continues…

Still in Atlanta, waiting for my passport to return to me. It made it back from Mozambique yesterday, and now it’s off on another adventure to Washington D.C. for my entry visa. I’m just so proud of it, traveling all around the world by itself. 

I had a really, really lovely going away shin-dig on Saturday.  Elizabeth came in all the way from Memphis and Merritt came in for one day from Portland, Oregon (not to down-play the importance of those who didn’t trek in). Not only was it lovely to have some of the best people in my life gathered together, but it was all by romantic candle light!

We’ve had crazy stormy weather in Georgia, and the power went out about an hour into the party. Luckily we had plenty of tea lights and good conversation. Plus, I think it was excellent training for Africa. 

As for the ever mysterious departure date – looks like it should be in the next week or so.

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Getting Ready

The grand departure has been postponed for a week or so. I was supposed to leave on the 14th, but now I must wait for my passport to come back from Mozambique with a work permit. Then it will be sent off again to Washington D.C. for the entry visa. Apparently Mozambique has one of the most complicated visa application processes. It could take a week or three.

But I’m not complaining. I have most of my bags ready to go, so now I can just take a few deep breaths, run some errands and visit with friends.

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