About Camille

Bodega Bay, CAOkay. In October 2009 I moved to Mozambique, Africa for over two years.

I am working on a SEED (Sustainable Effective & Economic Development) project for CARE International and volunteering through CUSO-VSO (which is basically the Canadian and British Peace Corps). My job is to work with traditional artisans and craft workers helping them with design and small business skills. 

This is is my forum for keeping in touch with the people I know and care about, letting me add updates on my life and  adventures. 

Read or subscribe to my blog and feel free to leave comments or ask any questions. For that matter, feel free to visit…. I’m living on the beach!

*UPDATE- I moved back to the U.S. in January of 2012. While I keep the site up for posterity and good memories, I no longer update the blog.  Thanks for visiting and send me a message if you do have questions about any illustrations or life in Mozambique.