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Take Your Parents To Work Day

On our last full day in Vilankulo together, I took my parents to work with me. I had several important meetings with some new weaving groups in Inhassoro, the town just north of Vilankulo. So we hopped in the CARE car and I took them to the field.

It was a bit funny having them watch me ask questions in Portuguese, then have it translated to Xitswe (via the extentionist), but I know it was interesting for them to see some of the women I am working with. They even met one of my favorite weavers Fatima, who showed us a new basket design she’s come up with. 


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‘Tis the Season (again)

I wasn’t home last December for the holidays, so on July 18th …

Several friends hitchhiked into town. We bought live chickens, got dressed up and prepared a feast:

Christmas for me it’s a perfect reason to gather with family and friends, eat well and express gratitude for all the blessings that we have. So perhaps it should have been Thanksgiving in July, but I needed an excuse to listen to carols.

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Photos, Parents’ Visit Week 1

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

(Many thanks to Irene for sharing her photos!!!)

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Vacation Life

The week flew by as we spent our time enjoying the perks of living in Vilankulo. It’s hard to explain the calm happiness of waking up, making a big cup of coffee and quietly watching the sun rise over the water. Though I am partial, I’m pretty sure my front porch offers


One luxury of going on vacation with parents is getting to indulge in all the things that I know exist, but I don’t often (or ever) have an excuse to do alone; like dinners at restaurants that I normally can’t afford and getting a real massage at the hotel.

Of course, the biggest benefit of living in a beach town is definitely the proximity to great water activities and adventures. We took a two day sailing and camping trip out to the archipelago.

We snorkeled at Magaruque Island and 2 Mile Reef.

* * *

At night several friends met up with us at the campsite in Chigamane. My friend Michaela’s daughters are 7 and 9. I’ve really missed having kids around since the Peham family moved back to Austria, so it was great to spend time with both the girls who are adorable. Since they have very short hair, when we’re together they love to play with mine.  While we all sat around the fire chatting and drinking wine, the girls took turns brushing and braiding my hair. I was very well coiffed by the time I retired to my tent. 

On the second day we sailed out to Bazaruto where we snorkeled and explored the northern beaches of Benguerra Island. It’s totally isolated and pristine. (No wonder it costs hundreds of dollars to stay at the island lodges!)


And then, as the sun was setting, we sailed on the dhow back to the mainland.



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Grand Reunion

Where to begin?

I have whole lot of updates, watercolors and stories to share from my parents’ recent visit, but finding a proper place to start is a bit daunting. So let me just begin on June 14th, the day my parents arrived. 

I eagerly anticipated their visit, so much so that I went to the airport early just so I could pick up the rental car. After walking approximately 6 miles a day for 10 months – I don’t know if I was more excited about seeing my family or  about getting to zip  around Vilankulo in my own car. 

And then, they arrived! 

Waves, then hugs, tears, and photos. It was a great reunion. Plus, along for this part of the trip was our family friend Irene. Irene is from South Africa but has lived in Atlanta for 20 something years. She happened to be going to SA for the World Cup, and when my dad mentioned that she should tag along for the Mozambican portion of the adventure – she said Okay

So there we were: a big bubbly group of Americans,  beaming and too happy to know what to say. I guided them through the immigration process, then we piled into the little car, long legs, luggage and all. 

After a brief tour of the cabana and introductions to Courtney and Sarah and of course Simba, the dog – it was time to get out the goodies. 

My dad was so excited about bringing the solar camping shower. I think he brought it less as a gift and more so out of his own self-preservation and fear of the local frigid shower.  My parents stayed in the cabana with me, and Irene opted for a local hotel, Casa Rex, with all the amenities.  

* * *

During a drive around town, a fisherman outside of the market offered us a live lobster. Well, it looked like a lobster but without the big front claws, and it was in fact a huge crawfish. It’s rather rare to see large ones for sale, but since it was such a big day and I was in a spirited mood – I figured Why NOT! ? And he was ours. 

* *

Sitting at in front of my Mozambican house, the sun setting and moon rising over the water, drinking cold beer, eating fresh seafood and catching up – I don’t know who was more shocked to finally be there together, me or my parents.


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More Soon!!!

First time I’ve had internet access in WEEKS!

Will be posting updates soon. Stay tuned…

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