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After one rather frustrating work week I am finally FREE!!!! Our baskets didn’t make it to our buyer in South Africa.  It took me several days of running around, facing the depths of bureaucracy and whining about how the process of exporting shouldn’t be this difficult – but finally I talked to our buyer and we agreed that it can wait.

And it can.  I can tackle this monster next year when everyone has less on their plate and there is time to make sure it’s done right.  Now that I’ve accepted this, I suddenly feel a great sense of relief and real excitement for the holidays.

I’m officially off to Spain to see some of my family and friends, and most especially to meet Teo, my nephew, for the first time! I’ve been counting the days since September and it’s finally here.

Since I won’t have a computer to add updates for the next few weeks, I’ll just say Happy Holidays now.  But worry not,  I’ll be back in Mozambique in January. Hope this finds all you dear readers safe and well.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year



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Time to Get Festive

Christmas Carols – Check

Decorative WreathCheck

Presents Kinda Check

SnowNo Check, but there is temporary snow effects on this blog. So actually, Kinda Check

Holiday Spirit HECK YEAH!!!!

Last week Courtney and Sarah have left for the states for about a month. They’ve gone home temporarily to visit their families and friends and will be back in January. I don’t really feel like I’ve been here long enough to want to go home, but candidly my heart was heavy and lonely upon their departure.  


So, I have battled this mood and am actively making this a relaxing break.  This Christmas has the potential to be quite memorable. Perhaps not especially social or traditional, but certainly a great experiment. 

I will spend my Christmas eve with Helga, Andreas, Flora and Caspar. My surrogate Austrian family here. The Pehams have been so generous with their time, home, food, and company. 

As for the rest of the break, I plan on laying in my hammock, making a trip out to Bazaruto Island for a snorkel adventure, and piddling around my house. No plans for new years yet. We’ll see. It’ll be okay!

For all those back home, I send you many hugs and Yuletide greetings! I’ll be listening to White Christmas with an extra sense of nostalgia and appreciation for all the blessings in my life. 

Merry Christmas


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