Reevaluting Comfort Zones

I was recently asked by my friend Sarah Branigan to answer some questions about new beginnings for her blog. The questions weren’t particularly hard – I was not expected to discuss my greater opinions on the universe or life but her questions sparked a lot of internal reflection on my year’s goals as well as several long conversations with friends.

One key question really threw me for the loop:what are some of the things you are hoping to begin this year?”  I found myself overwhelmed and somewhat disappointed in myself when I realized that many of my goals for 2011 were more about re-starting or re-focusing instead of starting from scratch and conquering new ambitions. Finally I responded to Sarah’s questions several weeks later than planned, humbled but with a greater understanding of what I plan to start this year. You can check out my answers and her blog here.

While my new goal of being more adventurous was still fresh on my mind, I found myself being critical of certain peoples’ seemingly total disinterest in leaving their comfort zones. I, all high and mighty, passed judgment on that their distant, safe, routine-filled lives… until I came to a shocking realization, that I myself might be living in a foreign land but I am just as inclined to fall into routine, socialize with the same group of people, and find comfort in the privacy of my cabana. In fact, I tend to be a reclusive home buddy, preferring to stay home to read and paint instead of partying and making lots of new friends. Just because I am living abroad does not necessarily mean that I am any more active in challenging the boundaries of my comfort zone.

With appreciation for the perspective, inspiration and self-evaluation that her inquiries sparked I offer full apologies to anyone (cough, cough … you know who you are) that I may have said some harsh things to. 



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2 responses to “Reevaluting Comfort Zones

  1. you know who...

    we love you!

  2. Mehul

    you are amazing! look forward to meeting you if/when you return 🙂

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