Human Slug

Thursday was a national holiday and I took full advantage of the day off. I acknowledge that my DNA  chemically changed and that I temporarily  de-evolved into a non-vertebrae human slug hybrid.

I woke up early, got a bowl of leftovers and got back in bed. I spent the entire day rotating between Sudoku puzzles and reading the last book of the Millenium Series.  Living on a balanced diet of sliced cheese and homemade dulce de leche, I only got up to relocate to the couch on the front porch.

It was such a satisfying experience that I maintained my slug-state through Friday and Saturday. All this 100% guilt free because slugs don’t feel that emotion.  Scientific fact.



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5 responses to “Human Slug

  1. Daniel Frysh

    I have often dreamt of this slug state of which you spoke, but have only managed to truly venture into that realm for three consecutive days once, during a winter break, in college. I would love to enter such a wonderful state again, but since I no longer have the time for such de-evolution I will have to live vicariously through yours. Three cheers to Camille the slug!

  2. Alice

    I think Human Slug Days should be required national holidays to be taken 5 or 6 times a year whenever the individual need arises. Perhaps a Human Slug Week!

  3. Mehul

    I agree with both Daniel and Alice. I have yet to see any such holiday in North America, and is that picture supposed to resemble a snail? No sightings of that either…man oh man, I need a month long slug holiday…

  4. margaret stewart baxter

    adore this post…particularly this bit: “All this 100% guilt free because slugs don’t feel that emotion. Scientific fact.”

  5. That drawing looks right out of the movie The Human Centipede.

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