Introducting Mila

I think it’s about time that I offer a formal introduction to my new Peace Corps volunteer/ neighbor/ colleague.

Okay, this is Mila.

Mila, this is Okay.

Mila arrived mid-December in a blue truck along with a cardboard box,  a  big backpack, a few mats, a broom and a turtle in tow. She quickly went about setting up in her new home and making the space her own. (And oh how important that step is when you move into a house for two or more years).

Sometimes it’s hard  to figure out what the line is between what information is practical and helpful and what things someone will want or need to figure out for themselves.  But after showing Mila round town and helping her stock up her house, she has settled in rather quickly and well and I feel happy and lucky to have another new neighbor and friend.

To make matters a little confusing, Mila’s real name is Camila – which also happens to be my Portuguese Mozambican name.  While it does cause a little confusion at the office, it’s awfully easy to remember.  Because I’m tall and Mila is tiny and Puerto Rican, we decided that she can ought to use the shorter, sassier name. Makes sense, right?



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3 responses to “Introducting Mila

  1. Alice

    So happy you have a new friend. Bet you two will become famous or perhaps even infamous! Love, Alice

  2. Erin Waters

    Hi Camila! Can’t wait to see pics of you and your tiny friend of the same name. 🙂 Miss your face.

  3. Daniel Frysh

    Glad that the new girl is a cool girl. Obviously she has an awesome name which does help. AS always I loved the post. Keep em coming and I’ll Keep reading. Cheers!

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