After one rather frustrating work week I am finally FREE!!!! Our baskets didn’t make it to our buyer in South Africa.  It took me several days of running around, facing the depths of bureaucracy and whining about how the process of exporting shouldn’t be this difficult – but finally I talked to our buyer and we agreed that it can wait.

And it can.  I can tackle this monster next year when everyone has less on their plate and there is time to make sure it’s done right.  Now that I’ve accepted this, I suddenly feel a great sense of relief and real excitement for the holidays.

I’m officially off to Spain to see some of my family and friends, and most especially to meet Teo, my nephew, for the first time! I’ve been counting the days since September and it’s finally here.

Since I won’t have a computer to add updates for the next few weeks, I’ll just say Happy Holidays now.  But worry not,  I’ll be back in Mozambique in January. Hope this finds all you dear readers safe and well.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year



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3 responses to “Cheers!

  1. Carol Baxter

    Hey, Camille! Your mom suggested I look at your blog; what an interesting life you are having! I am considering having an adventure and wondered if you were – potentially – up to a visit from a life-long friend of your mom’s? If not, which is, of course, fine, would you be willing to be my consultant? I am interested in best time/safety/medical contacts – as I am considering working internationally when I retire/etc. I hope you had a GREAT time in Spain reconnecting with family and meeting that little nephew! Carol

    • cstabler

      Hey Carol!!!! So good to hear from you! I would LOVE to have a visit from a life-long friend of my moms. You are welcome to come visit anytime and for however long you’re interested, but I can give you more information about what time of the year is most pleasant and places to see and things to do. First off, are you thinking of taking a regional trip (ei: southern Africa to go on safari in Kruger, then come to the beach in Mozambique, etc) or are you more interested in finding one spot and exploring that for a while? There is really so much to see and do, however it does take a little bit of strategic planning if you want to move around or if you have a buget. OH, or if you want to volunteer or give professional training help – that sort of thing. Anyway, I can’t wait to hear more about your plans. I’ll write more in January when I get back to Mozambique. I hope you had an very merry Christmas! with love, Camille

  2. Mehul

    Likewise, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to you as well:) The joys of meeting and hanging out with your nephew(s) is priceless; I have two, 4 and 1…so much fun:) Look forward to reading all your adventures in 2011…safe travels:) Cheers!

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