Apples & Oranges with Susan Fang

It’s rather surreal being in Mozambique and imagining the totally different lifestyles of my friends and family back home . So today I’d like to introduce a new series I’m calling Apples & Oranges to offer a little glimpse into the varying ways we lead our lives on different sides of the globe.

To start if off, I asked my friend Susan Fang to give me a few details and sketches depicting her life back on the state side.  Susan is lovely and is a great artists and designer.  We went to undergrad together at UGA and she has since gone to graduate school and moved on up to the Brooklyn, NYC. Funny enough, she’s living with my brother and his wife now (see below for more details).

So without further ado, I offer…

(click on image for larger view)



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5 responses to “Apples & Oranges with Susan Fang

  1. greta

    is it snowing on your blog? or am i going crazy again.

  2. margery stewart baxter

    a delightful post… both illustrations are truly charming…love and miss

  3. mehul

    this is so awesome…love every bit of it! great job!

  4. Leecee


    I truly enjoy your artwork, and have been having a fun time peeping in on your experiences in vilankulos. You are pretty awesome.

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