Happy Jello

Okay, so I think we can all agree that there are few things more frustrating than when modern technology malfunctions. Most of the time I’m a rather calm person, but I swell with anxiety and cuss words when things that are supposed to make life run smoother go haywire. On top of that, when computers or the internet stop working here it’s often hard to figure out what exactly is the root of the issue. Is it something I did? Is it the computer? or is it just the sh**y African network?

Anyway, I’m having some technical blog issues here. So while I struggle to get my pictures to load, I figure I should offer something positive and good to make up for all my grumbling and malcontent. What makes people more happy than… Jello molds!?

Thank you to Lexi for contributing a little more wisdom to the world and Jello-joy to this blog. 


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