Camera Lens

As much as I enjoy imagining how each boat ended up abandoned and quietly falling apart in the bay, I knew that it would be a photographer’s visual smorgasbord of decay and haunting beauty (see boats. posts for more about the topic). For this reason, it was also one of the spots I was most excited to take my visitors to.  

Christopher developed his film (yes, real film!) and posted some beautiful photos he took while he was here at the end of May.  There are some really great shots of the graveyard and a few other moments from the weekend in Vilankulo, so I thought I’d go ahead and share a few of my favorites here.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Christopher also has a talent for portraiture.  His cousin Charlie once said, “I actually like the photos that Chris take’s of me. That’s saying a lot because no one likes photos of themselves.”  I think that Charlie had it right.

You can see more of Christopher’s photography on his website here.  



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3 responses to “Camera Lens

  1. mom

    these photos are so beautiful.
    I love you and miss you

  2. margery stewart baxter

    i very much love the portrait of you holding simba as does young horace.

  3. Judith Moen

    Like everything you touch, your photos and website are delightful and amazing. You are a wonder. Love, Judi

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