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Okay? Okay. was featured on Ariana’s beautiful design blog Inspire Me Like That. You can check out more of her pictures and posts, as well as  praise about this blog right here and here.



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2 responses to “Blog Love

  1. sabrina

    do totally agree with what she says! margi, sitting on the counter in my kitchen yesterday while I was cooking for my guests, mentionned about your blog and your talent… didn’t know we were hosting such a talented and humoristic artist in vilanculos… congratulations!
    service note: as courtney and sarah are leaving soon, if you want me to organize something for them here at Zombie, I’ll do with pleasure… you could come for dinner one of these evenings (if quiet) and I would cook for you something you would ask (on my account of course!).
    let me know.

  2. Nice blog! Beautiful photos and water-color paintings! My uncle lived for longtime in Angola, which is also part of former portuguese Africa. I live in Brazil and used to be a tour guide in the past. Cheers and Felicidades!

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