Riot in The Streets

We had a bit of excitement a few weeks ago when Maputo shut down because of strikes and riots.  It began in response to several factors including rising school fees, food prices, water prices, transportation costs and general poverty; All valid reasons to express anger and demonstrate frustration with a corrupt government. Sadly, things got a bit out of hand when strikes turned into marching, then looting, then police shooting into crowds. 

Luckily there was no social upheaval in sleepy Vilankulo. Our beach town seems to be too off the beaten path to get caught up in what’s happening in the capital 700 km away. However, it did get people all riled up, and VSO advised me not to go to work for several days – lest I encounter an angry mob marching the sandy streets.

Ultimately the demonstrations and riots were quelled and the transportation costs for buses and chapas were not raised. I’m sure a few more concessions were offered from the government but after more than a week of unrest it seemed to just… pass. 


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