The Waterberg Cottage

Reunited with Ingrid we made our way to the Waterberg, an old Boer faming region several hours north of Pretoria. There we stayed in a guest house on a fifth-generation owned cattle ranch.  We covered a whole range of accommodation during this trip: cabana, airport hotel, rock lodge, fancy-tents, tent-tents, and private family housing. 

We arrived a bit late in the evening, but just in time for the evening’s astronomy lecture. One of our hosts, Phil, is a physicist and astronomer. He had great and practical information for astronomy greenhorns. With no light pollution the stars were HUGE

The next day, which was actually my birthday (more on this later), we hung out with the Barber and Calhoun family. Mr. B,  the family patriarch, gave us a tour of the ranch and property.

We heard their history; how their relatives came to the Waterberg and how the land, country and politics have evolved. What an wonderful family. They are kind, generous, extremely open minded and articulate.

Let me say that I know many really really wonderful South Africans. But regretfully, I admit that I have sometimes found myself quick to judge or stereotype some white South Africans as close-minded or racist – but this family proved me so wrong.   How valuable it is to be reminded that it was my own insular limitations that needed to be redefined and judgements that needed reconsideration.



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3 responses to “The Waterberg Cottage

  1. Irene

    Did you think I, a South African, was closed-minded and racist too? Hopefully I was an exception in your mind!

  2. cstabler

    No Irene, I apologize. I certainly don’t think you are racist nor are the majority of the South Africans I meet. I was trying to being honest about how I need to be revaluate my own judgements.

    I certainly did not mean to offended anyone or present myself as a bigot.

  3. Thanks for this great post. The info I have gained from your blog is truly encouraging

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