2 Up & 1 Down

Two highlights and one instant-sad from Mashatu

First, I found a porcupine quill! Some people go on safari on search of leopards or big majestic game. I however, was desperately looking for a nocturnal porcupine. This quill was like finding a clue that the illusive creature really exists. 

The next highlight was our stop at the main lodge for the… The Discovery Center”. It offered a great excuse to geek out over the giant animal bones.

 I could only dream about taking them home with me.

Plus, it was winter and we didn’t get a chance to see any crocodiles or snakes in the wilderness. While I definitely think it’s cheating since they were kept in a mote, we did get to see

Then Tragedy Struck!  I was so concerned about loosing my precious quill that I tucked it away. When we finally made it back to the border post, I hopped out, grabbed my backpack and walked away. 



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2 responses to “2 Up & 1 Down

  1. great animal drawings, especially the croc! you should illustrate children’s books.

    • cstabler

      Wouldn’t it be awesome. It could be a whole book on crocodile families. Or you could do a comic book of “Mang Goes to Moz” and I’ll do the guest characters.

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