At the south eastern corner of Botswana lies the Mashatu Game Reserve, a privately owned chunk of land. We made it safely across the river and were picked up at the border, loaded into a big jeep and brought to our next camp.

Perhaps not as fancy or plush as our last stop (which will forever be hard to beat), Mashatu offers incredible wildlife and honestly, better game drives.  The driver and tracker actually look for tracks and there is no walky-talky noise to distract or pollute the quietness.  There is a great sense of vastness and space in Mashatu. 

Even the animal behavior was different than in Timbavati, where we would see isolated animals or groups of the same animal together. However at Mashatu, the animals’ would comingle and mix.  There would be wart hogs close to the car, a stoic male Kudu a few meters away, then zebra, giraffe, impala and wildebeests all grazing in the same vista. 

Elephants roam the area too. At one point we saw two big families of almost a hundred elephants and twenty or so babies emerging from the forest. Even now writing about it makes me swell with emotion.  It is incredible to find yourself in the company of such huge creatures – each with a unique personality and aura of dignity.



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6 responses to “Mashatu

  1. Irene

    How did you get so outstanding at drawing the animals?

    • cstabler

      Thanks Irene! I was just looking at some photos from our trip and a field guide from Kruger. Of course, I struggled with some of them – thus, the cuter but less technical elephants.

  2. Ross

    More Elephant, please!

  3. If I don’t see elephants that adorable in Kruger this week, I am asking for my money back.

  4. Daniel Frysh

    I have been to Mashatu quite a number of times now. I love it and think it is one of my favorite Game parks for seeing game and yes I recall their trackers being great and seeing lots of game.. one of the few times I have seen a leopard and lions eating a kill. Very cool that you have been there too. Cheers and keep up the posts. I love reading them!

  5. Euni

    Camilie-pie! Your blog is SO beautiful! Missing you 🙂 xo

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