Finding Advice & Arts in Swazi

In Mbabane, the capital of Swaziland, we walked around the old “mall” commenting on how some things were exactly the same and how other buildings had really been built up.  Jokingly my dad mentioned that we ought to just find a Peace Corps volunteer and ask for some advice and… HAZZAH!

 As if the universe was listening, we spotted what looked like a young American. After enthusiastic introductions, Connor drew us a little map and pointed us in the right direction to where we could meet the current country director and new trainees.

If only all diplomacy was so forthright, friendly and generous.

So we drove north past Pigg’s Peak to meet the new PC country director and a bunch of new volunteers who were midway through their in-country training. I think it really meant a lot to my dad to meet the new staff and share some of his experiences from twenty years past. Everyone got a kick out of the randomness of the reunion, and it was actually really fun.

With quality nostalgia under our belts, we continued on. Our next stop was at the weaving studio of Coral Stephens Handweaving. We toured the workshops, got to see products on the loom and meet some of the weavers.

For me, with a degree in fabric and textiles and a real love for African arts, this stop was perfect. Swaziland’s rich history of traditional arts full of basket weaving and textiles makes my heart pitter patter with joy. 



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2 responses to “Finding Advice & Arts in Swazi

  1. “A young American.” You’re being too nice. You can usually spot PCVs by looking for young, dirty unkepmt Americans with pimples, ratty clothes, dirty hair, and gross feat. They’re everyyyywhere!

  2. Marta

    I had no idea you visited Coral Stephens? That’s fantastic! You’ll have to tell me all about it next timw we chat. We wok with them on a regular basis….

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