Vacation Life

The week flew by as we spent our time enjoying the perks of living in Vilankulo. It’s hard to explain the calm happiness of waking up, making a big cup of coffee and quietly watching the sun rise over the water. Though I am partial, I’m pretty sure my front porch offers


One luxury of going on vacation with parents is getting to indulge in all the things that I know exist, but I don’t often (or ever) have an excuse to do alone; like dinners at restaurants that I normally can’t afford and getting a real massage at the hotel.

Of course, the biggest benefit of living in a beach town is definitely the proximity to great water activities and adventures. We took a two day sailing and camping trip out to the archipelago.

We snorkeled at Magaruque Island and 2 Mile Reef.

* * *

At night several friends met up with us at the campsite in Chigamane. My friend Michaela’s daughters are 7 and 9. I’ve really missed having kids around since the Peham family moved back to Austria, so it was great to spend time with both the girls who are adorable. Since they have very short hair, when we’re together they love to play with mine.  While we all sat around the fire chatting and drinking wine, the girls took turns brushing and braiding my hair. I was very well coiffed by the time I retired to my tent. 

On the second day we sailed out to Bazaruto where we snorkeled and explored the northern beaches of Benguerra Island. It’s totally isolated and pristine. (No wonder it costs hundreds of dollars to stay at the island lodges!)


And then, as the sun was setting, we sailed on the dhow back to the mainland.




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2 responses to “Vacation Life

  1. Irene

    I didn’t realize you had seen signs of more “Charlie boys”!!! I would have jumped back in to look for those.

  2. i dig the illustrations and watercolors. keep up the goot werk!

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