Grand Reunion

Where to begin?

I have whole lot of updates, watercolors and stories to share from my parents’ recent visit, but finding a proper place to start is a bit daunting. So let me just begin on June 14th, the day my parents arrived. 

I eagerly anticipated their visit, so much so that I went to the airport early just so I could pick up the rental car. After walking approximately 6 miles a day for 10 months – I don’t know if I was more excited about seeing my family or  about getting to zip  around Vilankulo in my own car. 

And then, they arrived! 

Waves, then hugs, tears, and photos. It was a great reunion. Plus, along for this part of the trip was our family friend Irene. Irene is from South Africa but has lived in Atlanta for 20 something years. She happened to be going to SA for the World Cup, and when my dad mentioned that she should tag along for the Mozambican portion of the adventure – she said Okay

So there we were: a big bubbly group of Americans,  beaming and too happy to know what to say. I guided them through the immigration process, then we piled into the little car, long legs, luggage and all. 

After a brief tour of the cabana and introductions to Courtney and Sarah and of course Simba, the dog – it was time to get out the goodies. 

My dad was so excited about bringing the solar camping shower. I think he brought it less as a gift and more so out of his own self-preservation and fear of the local frigid shower.  My parents stayed in the cabana with me, and Irene opted for a local hotel, Casa Rex, with all the amenities.  

* * *

During a drive around town, a fisherman outside of the market offered us a live lobster. Well, it looked like a lobster but without the big front claws, and it was in fact a huge crawfish. It’s rather rare to see large ones for sale, but since it was such a big day and I was in a spirited mood – I figured Why NOT! ? And he was ours. 

* *

Sitting at in front of my Mozambican house, the sun setting and moon rising over the water, drinking cold beer, eating fresh seafood and catching up – I don’t know who was more shocked to finally be there together, me or my parents.



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2 responses to “Grand Reunion

  1. Liza

    So glad you’re back online. I’ve really missed your updates!

  2. Irene

    What BEAUTIFUL watercolors!!! I love your portrait of Charlie (I think it was a still-life, judging by the orange!). Shame, poor guy. He really was a wonderful beginning to a very special trip.


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