The Parents are Coming!

I know it seems that I have only been writing about visitors lately but tis the season, and honestly the arrival of guests is the most noteworthy of events in my life. Six weeks after Christopher left, my parents have begun their excursion out this way. In fact they arrive this afternoon.

I think one of my favorite pleasures of traveling out side the U.S. is the joy and anticipation of waiting for and watching people step off the plane. They emerge from a little door, walk down a few stairs onto the tarmac, look up at the tropical surrounding and see you waving and smiling. There is a bit nervousness (are they on the plane? will they recognize me?) but then… Instant Happy!



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4 responses to “The Parents are Coming!

  1. Daniel Frysh

    So happy for you!Give my love to your parents. I spoke to your mom last month and I know that she was looking forward to the trip. Love this post. It brings me instant happy!

  2. Laura Diaz Munoz

    Enjoy them!!!!

  3. Liza

    Gee, I hope they recognize you! Have fun and keep the posts coming.

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