Preface: Christopher’s Visit

Some trips are so epic that it’s hard to know where to start the story or what details to give. When each day is filled with a mixture of activities and great conversation, it always takes me a few days (or weeks) to digest the most valuable (and drawable) details worth documenting. And so it was with my most recent visitor. 

This is Christopher:

I have known Christopher since I was 11. He is a grand traveler and has gone all over the world in both high and low style, documenting his adventures with beautiful photographs along the way ( When his initial plans to visit fell through last December, I was almost grateful for the delay; Not because I wasn’t wanting of visitors last year, but because now at my 8 month mark I had so much more to show him and a bit more street credit to my name.

Now, this was not his first trip to Africa but it was the first time that we had traveled together since 2005.  I’m not sure exactly why it had taken us so long to plan a trip together (school, work or finances seemed to always get in the way) but my plans to travel southward for the Bushfire Music Festival in Swaziland offered just the perfect opportunity for a (platonic) African adventure together. I was set on showing Christopher a bit of each element of my life here, from my everyday domestic routine to field excursions for work, abandoned boat yards to tourists beaches, big African city life to rural nature reserves.  

He came to visit for 10 days, and the travel-gods blessed our trip and made each day more memorable (though not always more comfortable) than the previous day.  And so it is that I have lots to share and will have to divide up my review of Christopher’s visit into three additional parts. Part I, Part II & Part III


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