choice market find

Every so often, when browsing through the local market, I find a real gem sitting on the shelf.  Sometimes that lucky find is fresh asparagus or perhaps shiny gold leggings. I have even bought a can of sardines just because the packaging was so good. But today I think I may have found the best yet:




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5 responses to “choice market find

  1. G'dad

    Bet it was not as good as”Vieeenas” !

  2. Alice

    This looks like something that would be on the Jay Leno or Letterman show. Please tell me you did not eat it!

  3. margery stewart baxter

    My favorite part is the poster-cow’s proclamation of no pork. It’s like a reverse Chick-fil-a scernario -cows espouse the source of their own demise.

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