Guest Blogger Alexi: tea time

Any country that was once a colonial state has a rich history of tea-drinking and Mozambique is no different. The varieties offered here aren’t especially extensive, usually the basic Five-Roses variety or if you’re real fancy, then maybe you can splurge on Roibos. If you’re Mozambican, tea drinking involves 4 or 5 spoonfuls of sugar and plenty of condensed milk. By the time you’re done sprucing it up, it’s more like sugar water with a hint of color in it.

Now, coming from the Georgia you’d think that I’d have a real liking for bona fide, porch sittin’, Southern, sweet iced tea, but I never developed that taste. However, recently I decided that iced tea combines so many great factors that I enjoy, so heck – I was gonna give it another try. So this weekend, I made my first batch of peppermint iced tea and don’t you know, it’s delicious and refreshing. How did it take me so long to come around to this drink?!

Tea, be it iced or steaming hot, seems to have been on the mind quite all over the world this weekend. While I was busy brewing my pot over here, Alexi sent me her next guest-post about tea as well:



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2 responses to “Guest Blogger Alexi: tea time

  1. I love your art, and your friends’. You inspire me in so many ways.

  2. jonathan

    hey partner, your parents,my brother and i are getting white boy wasted in your kitchen on ribs and vino. see you soon

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