Exotic Fruit

I’ve made a habit of posting images of me holding wonderfully random objects that have come into my life here; a jar of honey, a cashew fruit and nut, now this. It’s called a custard apple. I’ve also heard it be referred to as an Amazon apple and Annona fruit. 

There is one blossoming tree in the compound and I’ve only been able to snag one or two before the guards get to picking them. They don’t exactly taste like apples, but they are delcious and have a great texture – somewhere between custard (appropriately) and a granular pear. Each segment has a single, hard, black, oblong, smooth seed.



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2 responses to “Exotic Fruit

  1. Pants

    What a strange and WONDERFUL and batter-y fruit, the custard apple. Please, I want to see more of the objects in your life.

  2. Marta

    Yummy! I love custard apples… They are one of my favorite fruits. What are they called in Portuguese? In Spanish is Chirimoya. Oh! I miss them, I could eat one right now! I’ve seen them once or twice in NYC but not common. I’m happy you are getting to enjoy them.

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