Did you know?… guest blogger

Big News!!!! I want to introduce my first guest blogger, Alexi Piasecki. You might recognize her name from my recent Visitors posting, since she and Andrea recently came to visit me here in Mozambique.  Alexi is a great artist and a constant source of inspiration and creativity. It’s been years since we actually lived in the same city, but even before we moved to different places we were avid pen pals. Ever since, our mailing tradition has continued.

I’m so pleased that Alexi has offered to contribute a series of illustrated factoids to Okay? Okay. Who doesn’t like a good fact? Her first of hopefully many contributions seems quite appropriate, since it fits in with the past few weeks’ encounter with a variety of creatures that share my cabana with me.

So let me just ask, did you know….




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3 responses to “Did you know?… guest blogger

  1. millimum

    sophisticated art, but the science?
    if not insects, what?

    okay,okay, i get it.

  2. Angelo Milano

    Alexi truely is amazing. I would love to see more of her work!

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