Not At My Prime

What a sad sight it must be to look at me these days. A mildly pathetic attempt at maintaining some vanity here has gone to the wayside, and this week I am rather a mess to see. 

My lip is busted. 5 year old Flora had a little tumble while she was performing a harmonica song and dance and her head collided with my bottom lip. It wasn’t so bad when it happened, but when I woke up the next day, my lip was huge. Now two days later, it looks like I have a massive fever blister.  Mozambicans and local South Africans tend to be rather blunt in their observations. I have gotten several “Oh, is that herpes?” comments already.


I spent 2 days snorkeling out at the local reefs last week. I had been so careful about wearing a shirt and reapplying SPF, but then I hopped back into the water for one last swim before I headed home – and alas – the sun is strong here and I am pale. Well, not anymore. I got a pretty bad sun burn on my back and it’s peeling now. Rather gross. However, I like to think of it as a constant reminder of the good times had out on the open waters.


And here is the kicker. In this grand adventure of living in Africa and making a life here, there are certain elements that I like to refer to as apart of “The Experiment”.

 “The Experiment” does not represent the cumulative parts of my experience, but more so the random examination of odd things that occur in my life.  Currently, one of the key parts of this sector is that I have not shaved my legs since I arrived (3 months to the day). I go back and forth about whether I feel like this is a big deal. Really, it’s not. I know that. Many people don’t shave, and that’s cool. But it does kinda weird me out if I look at my legs for very long. It is useful in repelling mosquitos (really) but mostly, I like to think of this new fur as apart of a more granola lifestyle I have embraced.

From head to toe, I am not exactly the most presentable creature. But my lip will heal, I have aloe for my back, and fear not – if anyone would like to visit and stay in my bed, I would even consider shaving on their behalf.



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4 responses to “Not At My Prime

  1. Ann Williams

    I think not shaving your legs..especially in the winter…. is an inherited trait…ask your mom. However, I think Cam won!
    Sounds like quite the adventure..I love your self portraits. It is such fun to hear what is going on in your new phase of life. Thanks for including us!

  2. Mimi

    Hi, Camille – Alice P. forwarded me your blog and I love it – What a way to get to know someone better! I will share with my daughter Abby. It will bring back lots of fond memories for her … thank you for what you’re doing and learning … Love, Mimi

  3. I bet you look like Laura Dern in Jurassic Park after she escapes the velociraptors… she’s all bruised, but she’s still a cutie pie.

    (please keep making drawings like these)

    Miss you June Bug.
    – Christopher

  4. margery stewart baxter

    That is quite an aesthetic busted lip; like a poppy flower. Heal quickly my termite.

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