Dear Ants, is nothing sacred?

Ants are everywhere here, marching around oh so diligently. Out of respect and a real sense of awe at their numbers and organization, I let them dominate my bathroom sink, explore the kitchen, live in the kettle (and die in it) and carpet the outside of my fridge. Until…. I woke up this morning with ants in my bed! 

“Too Far! TOO FAR!” 

I cried out at 5 am.

Mercilessly I smushed, rolled and crushed them out of my sheets.  Then went downstairs, washed them out of the sink, swept them outside, stomped on them and poured cinnamon on their anty paths. “CURSE THEM!!!” I grumbled. But as I sat down 2 hours later hot, sweaty and feeling self-satisfied with my newfound gumption, my eyes lingered on yet another trail. My gaze followed the little dotted path headed straight for my suitcase. 

“NO!!!!! Is nothing sacred!?”

Defeated, I swept off those I could then, exhausted and itchy, got dressed for work. 


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One response to “Dear Ants, is nothing sacred?

  1. Liza

    I can hear them now: “The ants go marching ten by ten, hurrah, hurrah…”

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