Halloween lamp

No pumpkin to be found, so I made a festive shade to go over my camping lamp. I cut bat shapes out of an empty cereal box and stapled it back together inside out. How very Marth Steward of me, no?

On Friday night, Flora (my boss’ 5 year old daughter) and some other kids came trick or treating. It was Flora’s first Halloween, so she was so excited. I helped her mom, Helga, make a vampire cape out of some plastic from the market.

When the kids came by, they sang me two songs and recited the classic “trick or treat, smell my feet….” rhyme that Sarah, the American Peace Corps volunteer, had taught them.

Saturday night we went to a benefit party for the local school.  Dressed as fallen beauty queens, (I was “Miss Understood”, Sarah was “Miss Chievous” and Courtney was “Miss Demeanor”)  we mingled with the local ex-pat community and danced the night away.


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  1. margery stewart baxter

    what a pretty bat shade you make

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