the journey over

I had three flight starting from Atlanta to London, then London to Johanesberg, then from Joberg to Maputo. Luckily all three flights went well, but the best layover was in London.

On Tuesday morning, Sam came to Heathrow and picked me up, and then we took the tube into the city. He showed me the outside of Central Saint Martins and his little window where he had an exhibit last year. We had a coffee then met Heidi for a delicious lunch. It was SO so so so wonderful to see them. After lunch we went to a pub and had a very authentic British pub experience, including getting to know the drunk older men next to us, the entire divorce story of another couple that was there, and a review of why the economy is in the pooper and whose to blame. In fact, one ole’chap even made an indecent proposal to Heidi.  Pretty funny. My layover was only 8 hours or so, but somehow in the 4 and a half hours I was in London we covered a lot of ground and got sufficiently drunk. 

I hadn’t seen either of them since last January, and even though I was hoping to spend a few days with them on an extended layover, we really made the most of the limitted time. 

Then it was back to Heathrow and on to Joberg.



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2 responses to “the journey over

  1. mom

    hey there- I don’t know why you are not receiving my emails but I have sent two! I love you and miss you! Bear and Loretta do too!

  2. Veronica

    i look forward to seeing pictures of the ocean and more stories about you getting drunk and meeting crazy old men and divorced people! lana misses u.

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